Forget millennials. Gen-X is controlling the e-closing revolution

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While Gen X may be equally capable at digital tasks as millennials, they also show a mastery of conventional leadership skills more on par with leaders of the baby boomer generation.

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Solving for Gen-X: High Achievers and the New Midlife Crisis For a brief moment in time, Gen X was the "It" generation. However with marketing and news focused on the clash between two very large and different generations, Millennials and their parents, the Baby Boomers, there is a sense that Gen X has to wave their hands in the air and say, "Hey, we’re still here. Don’t forget about us."

It was all over my Facebook news feed yesterday: "A majority of millennials now reject capitalism, poll shows." Libertarian friends shook their heads in scorn or lament while the socialists gloated or.

 · Will Gen Z be the generation that takes down the NRA? Here for this. I think us millennials (born in 92 here) have done a bad job standing up to the fucking mess Gen X and the Boomers have left us in.

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Forget millennials Generation X is controlling the eClosing revolution As far as the mortgage industry is concerned, e-closings and emerging millennial homebuyers go hand-in-hand. The thinking goes that these tech-savvy individuals expect greater efficiency and convenience in the home buying process.

Forget Millennials, Gen Z Is The Future: 5 Things to Think About.. we got lazy in terms of naming the generations that followed. Gen Y (millennials) followed Gen X, and true to form, those born after 1995-2000 are commonly referred to as Gen Z.. The SaaS Revolution in AI Conversational.

Holistic approach needed to fix vital federal mortgage programs

Generation X (or Gen X) is the demographic cohort following the baby boomers and preceding the Millennials. The birth control pill, introduced in the early 1960s, was one contributing factor of declining. The Gen X childhood coincided with the sexual revolution, which Susan Gregory.. "Don't You (Forget About Me )".

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 · Millennials / Gen Z (<38 years old) For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume that the working world consists of adults age 18 – 58. As most studies consider the leading edge of the Millennial generation to be 1981 (currently 38), we can put roughly half.